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Hardware. Software. Formulations.

Simplifying Drug Delivery

What We Do

As Southeast Asia first and only 3D printing company for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, we offer customized solutions to Drug Delivery, whether nutraceuticals  or pharmaceuticals, offering an end-to-end approach from research & development to manufacturing.

Looking at 3D Print
3D Printed Samples Array 2
CraftBeads multiple
CraftBeads Brown
Gummies Dinosaurs
Gummies Array
CraftBeads Green
CraftBeads Orange

Why Choose Craft Health

No Heat/ UV Curing

Rapid Prototyping

Hardware, Software, Formulation Integration

Low Volume High Mix Manufacturing

Varied Dosage Forms
(Tablets, Beads, Gummies)

From Prototyping to Manufacturing
(Class 10K Clean room)

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